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Galvanised sheet metal silos offer a versatile, cost-effective, and hygienic solution for grain storage. We provide various types of grain silos, including flat-bottom, hopper, truck load, and farm silos, tailored to specific storage needs. Our silos are designed to store grains, seeds, and pelletized products while adhering to industry standards like EUROCODE and ANSI. Key features of our grain silos include: -High-quality galvanised steel construction (S350GD) with a minimum Z600 coating. -Variable wall ring thicknesses and finishes -Stiffeners with a minimum galvanisation of Z-600, ensuring durability. -Easy access with inspection doors for maintenance and safety-focused stairs and catwalks. -Reinforced roofs. -Roof chimneys. -Inspection windows. -Wind rings. Our silos are adaptable, cost-effective, and designed to meet diverse grain storage needs.

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According to the FAO, 20% of the grain harvested in the world is lost due to the proliferation of fungi and insects, which is why within our product range we offer systems for correct grain conditioning, which guarantees a quality product without losses. We offer the following conditioning systems: Cleaning systems To remove dust, debris, stones, organic material, metals and any element other than the grain to be stored, resulting in a clean product that will maintain its quality over time. Grain cleaning equipment we offer: Pneumatic pre-cleaner with rotary disc up to 80 t/h Pneumatic Pre-cleaner with internal inverted cone up to 320 t/h Screen precleaner up to 320 t/h Dust extraction systems throughout the process (depending on the installation). Drying systems The grain coming from the harvest has a high degree of humidity, so – once clean – it must undergo a drying process before being stored to prevent fungal proliferation or the germination of grains.

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Silos Spain’s grain handling equipment meets all quality and safety requirements and has been engineered to withstand the most demanding environments during grain handling operations. Our grain handling equipment meets all safety and quality requirements: It is made of S350GD galvanized steel with a Z-600 coating providing unbeatable weather protection. It is modular and bolted construction. Its performance is guaranteed. Components from leading brands. Its reliability is assured by its mechanical simplicity and the quality of the components. It is silent and safe. We will meet any required safety regulations. Our product range includes: Bucket elevators Chain conveyors Slide gates for chain conveyors Traditional belt conveyors Screw conveyors Agricultural screw conveyors Industrial screw conveyors Sweepers Heavy-duty Bucket elevators Heavy-duty Chain conveyors Heavy-duty Discharge gates Heavy-duty Enclosed belt conveyors

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Grain silos are not isolated structures. They have steel structures that allow their support or the support of the handling equipment, structures that allow access for maintenance, the connection with the machinery or with other installations within the facility, among many other functions. -Catwalks: For equipment support and silo maintenance -Cap Support: Sits atop the silo roof and supports the catwalk, with variations based on machinery type and performance. -Lateral Support: suitable for light machinery in silos up to 24m in diameter. -Rest Platforms facilitates the supervision of connections between machinery and the silo. -Support Towers are designed to bear catwalk loads and transfer them directly to the foundation. -Elevator Towers offer stability, easy access to the catwalks and allow safer elevator maintenance.

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Silos Spain specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of metal silos and grain storage facilities. We also offer a wide range of complementary services, including the design and construction of conveying machinery, water tanks, livestock silos, and turnkey livestock facilities. Our conveying equipment meets all quality and safety requirements. For the construction of our silos, we primarily use sheet metal with the innovative ProMag metal coating, ensuring greater durability even in demanding environments. In addition, we use high-strength stiffeners, a smooth wave design, roof protection systems, high-quality bolts, and adhere to the EUROCODIGO or ANSI standards according to project specifications. The origin of Silos Spain stems from the acquisition of assets from Silos Córdoba by the URBAS group, thereby consolidating its presence in the global grain storage solutions sector. Endorsed by URBAS' international recognition, extensive experience in the installation of over 20, 000 silos worldwide, the team's expertise, and the support of technology and machinery acquired from one of Spain's leading companies, Silos Spain's mission is to meet the growing global demand for efficient grain storage solutions.


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