With heat recovery systems in industrial environments, the heat contained in the exhaust air is efficiently used to heat air or water. A very efficient use of this energy is the preheating of dryer supply air. The heat can be used continuously here. This warm exhaust air is also suitable for heating buildings. Depending on the local conditions, both airtoair heat exchangers and airtowater heat exchangers can be used for this purpose. The heated air, in turn, is fed into production and factory halls or other areas of the building. This type of supply air heating is particularly costefficient. Such recovery systems also have a positive effect in terms of environmental compatibility. Waste heat from industry that is harmful to the climate is no longer released into the environment but remains in the cycle of the production process or building heating. The systems are also suitable for cooling rooms when outside temperatures are hot, for example.

Air purification - equipment and systems
  • recovery systems
  • preheating dryer
  • warm exhaust

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