Heat recovery

Heat Exchangers


Heat recovery with the help of heat exchangers In industry, waste heat occurs at many points in the production process, which is often released into the environment without being used. In many cases, energy is even used to cool the waste heat flows from production so that they can be released into the environment. Heat exchangers (also called heat exchangers) are used for heat recovery so that the waste heat generated in the production process can be used again in the company. Gaseous or liquid media Waste heat can be in the form of gaseous media (e.g. warm exhaust air, steam, exhaust gases, etc.) or in the form of liquid media (e.g. hot water or other liquids). With the help of heat exchangers, the waste heat can be recovered from both gaseous and liquid media and then made available to the production process at a suitable point as energy in gaseous or liquid media. This process is known as energy recovery or also as heat recovery.

Heat recovery systems
  • heat exchangers
  • gaseous media
  • liquid media

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