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For the production and application of industrial goods in car industry we follow the SRPS ISO 9001-2008 ISO norm as well as TRV norm.This understands the specific application during technical production and personal responsability in the use of specific materials for the production of goods used in car industry. We produce air tubes, fuel tubes and oil tubes, shock absorbers, bearers, membranes, floor mats, protection caps resistant to grease and oils... Hemogum can meet car industry customers in production of articles for all renowned car manufacturers. We have the necessary equipment that helps us guarantee high quality, uniformity, excellent physical characteristics and high dimensional precision of our articles. For the production of car industry goods we apply the NR, CR, SBR, NBR, MWQ, FWK

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produces a wide range of goods fix busses, trucks, tram-cars, ratway, products for traveling infrastructure sixti as NAL eiasaomer bearing. As in car industry where we use materials-recipes based on non intlamabte and seat extinguishing JM materials, we use tte same n the ixcducton process o! goods tor yfreight traffic. Our master w r products are products I 11 ^macte from rubtjer-msta? blond with detinod state and d,namic reaction to pressure, hVgher tend between njbter-mettai and deflection targe. As far as infrastructure s ccnoerned we (X cduce elastomer bearings ter construction, brictges and faclibes They can te used in a range trcm -50 degrees Cefeus up to +70 Agrees Celsius, tcoier bearings enable a certain two-way fteobiity, simultaneais rotation about 3 different axes and overtaking of vertical and horizontal loads, in relaton to common bearings, the use ol NAL bearings substantial savings can te achieved, espeoalY due to its easy insolation and affordable

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Agricultural equipment covers the production of radial shaft seals, cuffs, 0-rings, shock absorbers, protective caps, springs, fuel hoses and krimers. All products follow the EU norms. The produced articles for agricultural equipment should meet the following requirements: chemical stability in places of installation, deformation resistance when under pressure, breaking strength adapted to pressure, flexibility on low and high temperatures, resistant to attrition. In our production process of articles we use all well known types of elastomers.

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Hemogum has its own recipes for mixtures with special requirements in the field of mining such as: mills with balls, shrink sleepers, rubber rotatory and stationary parts of horizontal and vertical pumps for handling of hydro mixtures with high resistance to abrasion. With Hemogum equipment we produce profiles of different diameters made from material of diverse quality, that attend requirements of the mining industry. In the construction area we produce spongy profiles, foils for acoustic and termo isolation, hydro isolation. Upon customer request foils can be made from different types of elastomer. Depending on the purpose, functions and customer request we make articles from: CR, NR, S8R, HR, BR, EPDM and NBR. In the field of energetics we produce electrical conductive mats, with width from 1 mm to 5mm. superficial resistence R<10 to 5<that is on 100000) W. Foils are NR. S8R quality orthe combination depending on its purposeand specific customers request. Foils may

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Hemogum is a manufacturer/producer of technical rubber goods and offers cost-effective solutions for rubber, rubber-metal or rubber-plastic products. We achieve successful business results with constant development, stable investment policy and constant quality improvement of the existing and the introduction of new products. Hemogum disposes with CNC equipment, milling and spark erosion machines that are fully integrated in technological system. We design, manufacture and test new product from the previously determined requirements, from the design phase of virtual models using the most advanced 3D software, though examining with the end element method, up to the prototype and tools manufacture for mass production. We are able to maximally shorten the development time and expenses due to maximum usage of capabilities of modern software solutions. We are also very successful in dealing with reverse engineering according to the given sample, whether it is damaged part of an equipment or a new model. We are qualified to perform measurements, analysis and testing of highly complex parts, and then manufacture then as well, or make them as individual parts or either create a tool for their development. Hemogum produces custom products: parts for the needs of the automobile industry, freight traffic, agricultural mechanization, mining, construction, chemical industry, food industry and other products.



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Milisava Petrovića 48, 32000 Čačak, Srbija

32000 Čačak - Serbia


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