Scope of delivery Heat Recovery System 90°C including : Specific double cooler 2 nd and 3 rd stage. Special design for 1 st stage intercooler. Internally adapted water circuit. The compressor runs with a smaller water pump with frequency inverter,”VSD”. The compressor runs with a smaller separate water cooling system. External Heat Exchanger Kit for easy connection to the customer system. Features & benefits Features based on L 5 model /200 kW. Temperature : 30-35°C water in – between 85-90°c water out. Power : heat recovered @ 40 bar on load is ca.160 kW = ca.80% of the shaft power. Water : Available quantity of water for Heat Recovery is ca. 2 m³/hour water flow for L5 model. Due to HR a smaller separate cooling system is used for the complete compressor system. One year operation, 6000 running hours @ 0.05 € / kW Heat = 48.000 € savings. Scope of delivery Heat Recovery System 40°C including : External skid Heat Recovery System 40°C with stainless steel plate...


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