Handling And Gripper Systems

Our t motion automation systems deliver greater production reliability.


The right system for every need There is a great variety of handling systems available, dependent on the length of the workpiece. For short tubes there are systems gripping from below with insertion axis and for long tubes there are systems handling from above. Both options can be used in our combination systems. They guarantee ideal access for the operator, so they can complete the setup and any maintenance operations in the best possible way. Transfer stations, turning modules for processing the tube in both directions within an installation and multiple grippers are available for optimized processes. Handling robots from many different manufacturers can also be integrated. The robots are used to move tubes/workpieces. A preassembly of different workpieces is also feasible in this case. The various components can be sorted using sensors and robots.

Pipes and tubes - ferrous metal
  • Automation System
  • Handling System
  • Gripper System

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