Shaft diameter d1 [mm]: Request iglidur® multi-component bearing Even higher loads The new iglidur® multi-component bearing combines the benefits of a hard polymer shell and a tribooptimized iglidur® core to make a unique bearing: Service lives previously not achieved in with an injection- molded polymer bearing heavy duty pivoting applications even beyond a radial load of 120 MPa show the potential. Lubrication-free wear-resistant Extremely shape stable Corrossion-resistant Application areas: Agricultural engineering, utility and construction vehicles, mechanical engineering Dimensions according to ISO 3547-1 and special dimensions Chamfer depending on d1 d1 [mm]: f[mm]: Ø 1-6 0,3 Ø 1-6 0,5 Ø 1-6 0,8 Ø > 30 1,2 Shaft diameter d1 [mm]:

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