High Speed ​​Roller Doors

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These are the Rolling Door systems in which the PVC Tarpaulin Curtain, which is wrapped around the aluminum shaft connected to the 380Vac motor, moves up and down rapidly in a channel. It ensures safe and fast traffic flow within the facility. In this way, it reduces the loss of time and energy in businesses. It provides 24/7 service with its European origin canvas resistant to friction and external factors and its long-lasting engine. Usage areas are shift facilities such as automotive, pharmaceutical and food. It combines PVC Tarpaulin and PVC Transparent window with high frequency welding machine. It provides maximum impermeability thanks to the double-sided rubber gaskets attached to the uniquely designed aluminum rails. It is compatible with hygienic environments with its monolithic PVC tarpaulin structure. It is compatible with many automatic access systems with its control unit and up-to-date security

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