High purity Carbon Fiber with cross section impregnation and run in lubricant­ Practical useful application data: max. temperature: +250 °C Characteristics Excellent Standardisation features Cross section impregnation avoids the penetration of crystallizing mediums Wear resistant against abrasive products and with minimal coefficient of friction Self lubricating fiber with high Carbon content, reduced shaft wear and excellent heat transfer characteristics Thermally balanced construction, the coefficient of expansion is similar to steel, the packing is volume stabile and does not shrink. Therefore minimal re-adjustment needed after installation. Excellent chemical resistance Recommended shaft surface hardness: HRC 45 Operating range Pressure [p max]: 30 bar, Velocity [v max]: 25 m/s Pressure [p max]: 100 bar, Velocity [v max]: 2 m/s Pressure [p max]: 100 bar Temperature: t = -50… +300 °C pH: 2 - 12 Density: 1.45 g/cm³ Practical useful application data: max. temperature: +250...

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