Highly flexible couplings



MULTI CROSS RILLO couplings are highly torsionally flexible tyre couplings with progressive torsional deflection haracteristic. The salient feature of the MULTI CROSS RILLO shaft couplings is that the coupling hubs are supplied with commercially available taper bushes for nominal torques of up to 11500 Nm. This allows easy and time saving mounting of the coupling hubs on the shaft. Special tools are not required. The most important attributes and advantages of the highly flexible MULTI CROSS RILLO couplings: High torsional flexibility with progressive torsional deflection characteristic High compensating capability for axial, radial and angular misalignments Easy and time saving mounting of the coupling hubs thanks to the use of taper bushes Radial change of the rubber element without axial movement of the coupled machines Backlash-free torque transmission even in case of alternating directions of rotation High torsional vibration and shock load damping capability Noise level...

Product features

Product type High flexilble tyre coupling with taper bushings
Torque range 25 Nm - 14500 Nm
Temperature range -25°C - 70°C

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