The hot filter press combines the standard process steps of a membrane filter press, (filtration, filter cake washing and squeezing), with the additional function of a thermal filter cake drying (TCD). As a result, all process steps are carried out in one plant, the hot filter press. Dewatering and drying of the resulting filter cake is thus done without a downstream drying process. Cost-intensive and time-consuming vacuum contact drying is therefore no longer necessary. FUNCTIONAL PRINCIPLE OF THE HOT FILTER PRESS – WITH THERMAL FILTER CAKE DRYING In contrast to the conventional method, the system consists of membrane filter plates and heat exchanger plates, which are installed alternately in a filter press. For thermal drying, hot steam and/or oil is applied to the working space behind the membrane and the filter cake is thermally dried accordingly. The advantage of this process is that a high dry matter content (DM content) of over 90% is achieved.

Drainage systems and equipment
  • filter press
  • sludge dewatering
  • waste water treatment

Product features

Product Features Filtration and drying in one machine
Product Features Highest dry matter content achievable
Product Features Saving of downstream drying processes
Product Features thus comparatively low investment
Product Features Shorter cycle times
Product Features Reduced drainage costs
Product Features Low specific energy consumption

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