Hulled Barley Groats

Hulled Barley Groats
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We offer retail packed products our brand Grino and also white label services to pack under clients brand, please contact us for more details and check our other products. Barley groats are a type of groats made from ordinary barley grains. It is one of the most popular groats in Poland. Depending on the method of processing, barley, pearl barley is a whole barley grain, without the husk. Barley groats are a rich source of B vitamins, in particular vitamins B1, B2 and B6, as well as vitamins E, K, PP, folic acid and silicon, zinc, calcium, manganese and copper. Pearl barley is perfect for various types of sauces, incl. mushroom and meat. It can also be an excellent ingredient in dishes such as cabbage rolls, as well as stuffed vegetables.

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