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Hydraulic cylinders for the mining industry - We produce any size at your request


Mining equipment is continually subjected to tortuous conditions that punish hydraulic cylinders. These gruelling conditions include dust, grit, heat, cold and moisture. In addition, the equipment is subject to slamming loads and mechanical impacts. Gidrolast designs and manufactures heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders that endure these very difficult conditions. Gidrolast cylinders can be found on hydraulic equipment in surface and sub-surface mining operations all around the globe. They are installed on dredgers, hydraulic shovels, dump trucks, oversized off-road equipment, tunnel boring machines, ore haulers, ore crushers and aggregate conveyors, to name but a few. We manufacture both rod cylinders and telescopic cylinders, double and single action, in sizes from 12mm (1/2″) up to 700mm (28″) bore. Call us to find out why mining equipment OEM’s around the world depend on Gidrolast cylinders.