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    Measurement and control instruments
    Simple QA in cable production http://ky.to/www.iimag.de/fileadmin/user...
    With its very simple user interface and many possible individual uses, the operating software VCPEasy from VisioCablePro® is a winner. It offers cable manufacturers an optimum solution for ensuring cable quality and saving on valuable raw materials. The primary goal of the cable measuring device VCPX5 and the measuring software that goes with it is standard-compliant measurement of the geometries of insulating jackets and cable sheathing in just a few straightforward steps.
    In addition, the new version of VCPEasy includes the ability to measure customer-specific special geometries. The software also calculates other important characteristics, such as the volume and overconsumption of the material used. VCPEasy is suitable for use as a central program for the collection of a wide range of test data in the area of cable measurement technology, pooling all relevant information in a single document. Different operating modes are available depending on customer requirements.
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    Machine vision system
    New LUMIMAX® Mounting Accessories and Product Updates 2018 http://ky.to/www.iimag.de/fileadmin/user...
    With the new mounting solution from iiM AG, Cognex®cameras of the latest In-Sight 7000 series can be integrated easily, safely and industry-compatibly into a wide variety of applications in conjunction with the LUMIMAX® Lighting portfolio. Spot, Area, Ring and Bar Lights can be connected to the adapter plate and the camera system with suitable mounting elements.
    As a further mounting solution for Cognex® systems, iiM AG introduces the LUMIMAX® verification adapter LVA-DM36x. This adapter connects the Dataman barcode reader of the 360 series to the dome, coaxial and bar lights of the LUMIMAX® brand. This is a flexible solution for standardised reading, verification or grading of DMC codes.
    The LED Flash Lighting of the L series and the external FLC1 and FLC2 flash controllers are now also available with a flash duration of 750 μs. This means that up to 10 images can be recorded per second and is predestined for highly light-absorbing objects and for tests from a long distance.
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    Machine vision system
    New LUMIMAX® High power LED Area Lights http://ky.to/www.iimag.de/fileadmin/user...
    The LG2020/FL and LGCB2020/FL series can be deployed where conditions offer very little space for installation. With the innovative LightGuide technology, the light from these high-performance LEDs is outcoupled over the entire illuminated area. The LG2020/FL series can be used for backlight applications or collimation. Even transparent or semi-transparent objects like scratches, inclusions and engravings can be inspected. Reflected light applications are possible with the LGCB2020/FL, which features a 35 mm camera hole to enable direct illumination of objects from the direction of the camera. A controller is also built directly into the housing (set at maximum performance and safety). The lighting series can be configured either with permanent and switching mode or with flash operation. The TTL and PLC inputs provided offer zero-delay triggering and flash operation of the lighting parallel to image acquisition.
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  • Product launch
    Machine vision system
    LUMIMAX® High power LED Lighting http://ky.to/www.iimag.de/fileadmin/user...
    As an industry enjoying steady growth, the food and beverage sector has a long list of requirements regarding the quality assurance of goods and their primary packaging. Industrial Machine Vision makes 100% quality inspections possible. The comprehensive LUMIMAX® product can be used to generate optimum lighting solutions for a specific application. Thanks to the integrated flash controller technology, goods involved in non-stationary processes can be successfully imaged with zero motion blur. The superior light intensity also means that the Machine Vision process is not disrupted by other sources of illumination. Residual soiling analyses and the inspection of features invisible in normal light are possible with special high-performance UV lighting and matching filter accessories. For applications involving food contact materials all LUMIMAX® Lighting can be supplied as versions enclosed in stainless steel housings with enhanced protection – or even as hygienic design models.
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  • Product launch
    Machine vision system
    The new LUMIMAX® online product configurator http://ky.to/www.iimag.de/fileadmin/user...
    With the new LUMIMAX® product configurator for Machine Vision LED lighting, iiM AG offers the option of individually configuring and comparing lighting components online. The lighting system can be configured in four steps: 
    1. define the type of illumination: area, bar, ring, spot, dome, coaxial and dark field lighting. 
    2. selection from the available technologies of the lighting types. 
    3. individually configure the product based on the type: light color, light guide, operation mode and flash time. 
    4. All available products are displayed when the “Load results” button is pressed. The results list offer a first opportunity to compare the lighting systems to each other based on the description of the item. The fitting product can also be added to a watch list or the product detail page can be opened directly. All available product information are provided there (specific product datasheet, the technical drawing, the 3D step model, the price and a selection of accessories).
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  • Product launch
    Jun 30, 2017
    Machine vision system
    The Machine Vision LR50 ring light from LUMIMAX® http://ky.to/www.iimag.de/fileadmin/user...
    The LED light LR50 is a compact version of the trusted LR70 ring flood light with smaller external dimensions, much lower weight, optimised performance, however with the same functionality. 16 High Power LEDs in combination with replaceable LED lenses (various beam angles available) achieve optimum irradiances at working distances from 0.25 m to 2 m. The robust aluminium housing with IP67 also ensures use in difficult environmental conditions. The LR50 ring light is available in two operating modes. One in continuous/switch operation and one as a flash version. The complete controller technology is integrated into the lighting housing of both versions. Furthermore, extremely fast switch and trigger inputs guarantee load-free switching and flashing. 
    In combination with a LUMIMAX® T-Adapter cable and a matching LUMIMAX® mounting solution, the LR50 can be connected directly via the camera and integrated in an extremely flexible way.
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  • New customer
    Machine vision system
    lightning fast controlled
    The iiM AG has worked with Siemens AG and passport machine maker BW Papersystems Stuttgart GmbH to develop a solution for the inspection of security features and markings as protection against plagiarism and counterfeiting application. Passport manufacturing increasingly challenging by useing of fluorescent materials. To ensure that these invisible security features can be reliably detected and inspected during high-speed production runs use of a sophisticated testing system with high-performance LED lighting and optical readers. 
    After testing in labs at iiM and on-site at Siemens, the scanning distance and trigger signal/flash duration timing were coordinated to ensure that the excitation of the fluorescent fibres in the paper did not prevent the scanning of the passport numbers. Despite a conveyor belt speed of 0.3 m/s during production, the enormously powerful flash lighting is easily able to create a high-contrast image without any motion blur.
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