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    Films and sheets, plastic
    Coater 6 expands thermal coating competencies
    – Infiana marks the beginning of a new year by further cementing its technological leadership. With the start-up of “Coater 6“, Infiana’s newest coating line, and its ability to produce films with solvent-based silicon coatings on both sides, the company closes its last remaining technical gaps in this field. Infiana now has the ability to apply all possible combinations of thermally cured, solvent-based, and solvent-free silicon systems in just a single process step. 
    Increased performance through drying system
    This capacity is complemented by a highly efficient drying system specifically designed for thin films. “Silicone coatings are cross-linked and cured at high temperatures. This new type of dryer is defined by its increased performance, but simultaneously allows fine-tuned control of essential production parameters. This ensures our carrier films have excellent processability without reducing the degree of cure, “states Stefan Herfurth, Chief Operations Officer at Infiana.