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ISONEM PAINTS AND INSULATION TECHNOLOGIES CONSTRUCTION TRADE INC. was established in Izmir in 2004.It has assumed the leading role with the innovations it has brought up to the sector with its research and development (R & D) team, each of which is specialized in its branch at a 7500 m2 closed modern production site landed on an area of 10000 m2 within ITOB Organized Industrial Zone. We have presented the innovative products for defence, energy, agriculture and industrial field and the thermal, sonic, fire, water insulation and special chemical products that we have developed to the usage of the mankind and the whole world.We have managed to have our name echoed via both domestic and foreign successes that we have achieved by adopting sustainable quality as a principle within every stage by using high technology since the beginnings of our organization.We have achieved to be a Turkish Company and Trade Mark through our activities in Europe, Africa and Far East which is known well by the whole world in its field by executing exports to approximately 100 countries. Besides our commercial and sectorial success, we have been aware of the fact that today’s world is entrusted to us for the mankind of tomorrows, since we have never used biocidal raw materials within our products as an outcome of our awareness for the environment.As Isonem, our mission is protecting the nature via electricity generating external housepaints.

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concrete, screed,galvanized steel, aluminum, etc. surfaces. It is highly resistant to the atmospheric conditions and can be produced as transparent or colored. It has excellent water resistance as well as high chemical and physical resistance. It is a two-component product that can be used for waterproofing as well as decoration. It is not affected by UV and weather conditions. Yellowing, fading or lifting off over time does not occur. Especially in solving insulation problems arising on the floors such as balconies, terraces, bathrooms, pools, etc., it is easily applied without defecting and damaging the existing coating. AREAS OF USAGE: • Glass, glass brick, mosaic, terrazzo tiles, • Tiles, ceramic, marble, granite, natural stone, porcelain surfaces • Travertine, pressed bricks, • PVC, aluminum, galvanized steel, wood, • Balcony, terrace, bathroom, kitchen, stone covered exteriors.


ISONEM PEELABLE PAINT can be used on different painted and unpainted vertical or inclined surfaces for protection or temporary masking purposes. The product is a water based peelable covering that comes in white, transparent or other different colours. The product can be used on the walls of paint booths, window and door frames during construction or redecoration, glasssurfaces, laminated and parquet wooden floorings, marble or granite surfaces, surfaces covered with epoxy, boatsurface and more, for temporary or long term protection, allowing dirt to beeasily wiped off and providing protection against light, water, moisture and corrosion. FEATURES: • As the product is water based, it can be used on plastic and painted surfaces. • The product has a wide range of applications and is easily applied. • The easily peelable film is resistant to various paints. • The thixotropic feature prevents dripping on vertical surfaces. • The product is water based and therefore not flammable.


This water based fireproofing paint provides protection against fire for up to 120 minutes. The paint is intumescent and expands to provide insulation against fire. The paint is brushed on to the surface, where is cures to form an uninterrupted layer. The paint is flame retardant and when in contact with flame, expands due to a chemical reaction, preventing the surface from reaching the critical temperature. The paint is also water resistant but allows for the permeability of water vapour. Thanks to this quality, the surface upon which the paint is applied is able to breathe. The paint may be used on wood, concrete, prefabricated and steel structures to great effect. AREAS OF USE: •All types of plastered, painted and unpainted internal and external surfaces •Concrete, wooden and steel structures •Roofs and fire escapes •All areas that need to be fireproofed •Schools, daycare centres, hospitals, theatre and cinema halls •plasterboard sections and ceilings •Chimneys •Power plants


ISONEM MARKER WALL PAINT (Chalkboard Paint) allows you to use any wall/surface as a chalkboard with markers. When applied to anywhere, such as your walls, desks, doors, cabinets, meeting rooms, etc. it turns the surface into a writeable and erasable form. It is nature friendly, VOC and solvent free and easy to apply. Two alternatives are available, white and transparent. If you wish to turn your wall into a writeable form without changing its color, we recommend the transparent one, and if you wish to have the standard whiteboard appearance, we recommend the white one. When our product is applied once, there is no need for a projection screen, whiteboard or flipchart anymore. USAGE AREAS: •Classroom walls, desks and tables •Walls of meeting rooms, •Walls of seminar halls, •Walls of office study rooms, •Wall-paper covered surfaces, •Walls of training rooms, •Walls of houses, hotels and conference halls, FEATURES: •Two options as white and transparent, •Odorless and environmental


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