ISONEM THERMAL PAINT is special high performance paint containing special vacuumed microspheres that are elastomeric resin based, have vapor permeability with low heat conductivity, high solar radiation absorptivity and high surface heat transmittance values and provide interior and exterior heat and water insulation. Its effectiveness has been proved scientifically. Depending on the applied number of coats, it provides energy savings up to 40% in the heating and cooling energy costs of buildings. When the ISONEM THERMAL PAINT with special vacuum microspheres is used as interior wall paint, the radiant heat that is generated inside is reflected to the interior environment. When it is used on the exterior, the incoming radiant heat is reflected back to the outside. ISONEM THERMAL PAINT FEATURES: •Radiant heat proof, •Provides energy savings up to 40%, •Applicable to indoor and outdoor surfaces, •Low labor costs, easy and short application, •Prevents moisture and mold formation

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