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Mattress design and development service, where our years of experience have unveiled the secrets behind the finest mattresses. Our expertise lies in understanding the unique qualities of various materials and skillfully merging them to craft top-tier mattresses. We've delved deep into the intricacies of diverse materials, discovering how to extract their best features and blend them harmoniously. Our passion for creating superior mattresses results in products that offer unparalleled comfort, resilience, and quality. At our company, innovation meets expertise to ensure that each mattress reflects the culmination of our knowledge and dedication. Trust us to deliver mattresses that redefine comfort, promising durability and an unmatched sleep experience. Join us in experiencing the epitome of quality mattresses.

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Specialized in semi-automatic mattress assembly and precision-driven gluing lines, designed for high throughput. Our commitment to utilizing the latest, highest precision machinery ensures exceptional efficiency and quality in every step of the manufacturing process. Our cutting-edge machinery empowers us to swiftly adapt to newly developed products, enabling a rapid transition from product development to full-scale production. This agility means your innovative designs can be brought to market promptly, maintaining a competitive edge in the industry. With a focus on advanced technology and streamlined processes, we guarantee not only speed but also an unwavering dedication to precision. Our mattress production processes took years to perfect with our efficient, adaptable, and top-quality manufacturing services. Let's collaborate and bring your next line of products to life seamlessly.

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Expert pressing, rolling, and packaging solutions for mattresses and soft furniture. With years of experience, we've honed our expertise in understanding which materials regain their original shape swiftly and which fabrics are prone to wrinkling and which materials fit better together for optimal packaging. Trust us to ensure your mattresses and soft furniture are expertly handled, preserving their quality during packaging and transportation.

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Years of meticulous curation bring you a diverse array of top-tier raw materials. Sourced from the most reliable providers, our selection guarantees quality. What sets us apart? A commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Each mattress crafted is not just comfortable but ethically produced. Choose us for a sleep experience where options meet responsibility, and every material has a story. Welcome to a world of comfort, variety, and sustainability, all in one cozy package!

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We’re a mattress manufacturer from Lithuania with a special focus on natural mattresses and children‘s mattresses production. We also offer foam mattresses and toppers. To meet our high quality and timely delivery standards, we constantly update and add to our machinery. Long experience in natural and children mattresses production helped us develop a reliable and quality tested raw material supply chain. From newborns to teenagers – we make mattresses for children of all age. We care about children and that's why we consulted pediatricians to find out what mattresses best suite growing children. We use a wide range of materials to produce mattresses for all type of people with different needs. From base budget foam mattresses to top graded organic material combinations – we make sure everyone find the best product at all price ranges. Materials used: Organic latex (GOLS certified), Natural Horsehair, Natural Coconut (with latex), Cotton pocket springs, Organic wool, Organic cotton (GOTS) and other natural top-quality materials. Wide range of foam, memory foam, pocket spring, pulse latex possibilities for any size and required compositions. We’re ready to develop a mattress combination of your choice. We also provide a quilting service with lots of patterns to choose from, as well as embroidery - any embroidery design possible with our 6 head machine for mass production. Newest machinery allows us to press, roll and put the mattress in the box for easy delivery.


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Sodu str. 15

15222 Mostiskes - Lithuania


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