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    Transportation chains
    The right accumulation chain for each conveying system http://www.iwis.de/en/drive-systems/indu...
    For logistics and material handling applications, Munich-based chain specialist iwis offers a complete range of accumulation chains. Accumulation chains from iwis feature special low-friction rollers that ensure an extremely efficient operation of the chain and therefore the entire conveying system. The low-friction rollers also allow easy positioning of the transported material at any point along the transport path and remove the need to start and stop the chain, which could influence product orientation and agitate content. They are available in different versions, including versions with offset accumulation rollers for optimised load distribution, maintenance-free MEGAlife accumulation chains with nickel-plated plates and pins for lubricant-free operation, accumulation chains with protection for fingers and small parts for increased machine and personal safety, and side-bow accumulation chains with offset accumulation rollers for conveying systems with extremely small bend radii.
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    Aug 2, 2017
    Mechanical transmission systems and components
    Predictive Maintenance: Chain Condition Monitoring system https://ky.to/iwis.com/en/home/
    The CCM system for continuous chain monitoring measures the wear elongation of chains in operation and warns the maintenance staff in time if the chain needs to be replaced. The CCM system is compact and can be easily integrated into most chain applications with a simple retrofit procedure. Commissioning takes place according to the plug-and-play principle without calibration and contactless measurement that does not affect the chain drive performance. The wear status can be read on the LED display in graduations of 0.5 percent increments and also presented onto a laptop interface via USB cable and simple software. Variable speeds and changeable directions are no problem for the CCM system which consists of corrosion-resistant materials and wear-resistant chain guide material.
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    Jul 17, 2017
    Mechanical transmission systems and components
    Always dry: New maintenance-free stainless steel chains https://ky.to/iwis.com/en/drive-systems/...
    The new b.dry precision chains are the ideal choice wherever relubrication is undesirable or not possible. They are hygienic and run completely dry: Thanks to the high-performance plastic friction bearings in their links, they need no lubrication of any kind, which also eliminates the need for relubrication. Made from a high-performance polymer, the sleeves are heavy-duty, low-friction and FDA-compliant. Contact with foodstuffs or hygiene products is safe. The stainless-steel bushes are thin-walled, seamless and ball-drifted. The CF base chain is made from austenitic stainless steel, making it highly resistant to aggressive media. The wear life of the b.dry chains is significantly longer than that of comparable chains: in test runs at iwis, it proved twice better in dry condition and as much as four times better with initial lubrication. In a dry state, the chains are free from paint wetting impairment substances (PWIS).
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