Incremental rotation sensors are used wherever displacement, positions or speeds have to be measured accurately. They are therefore important interfaces between the mechanical and electronic parts of a machine. Mechanically robust, electrically reliable and resistant to extreme ambient conditions; these are the outstanding properties offered by this sensor. Typical applications include -Machine tools -Wood and plastic machining -Textile machines -Lifts -Door systems -Paper machines -Drive equipment -Assembly and handling equipment -Packaging machines -Scales -Test machines -Conveying equipment -Doors and gates Specific characteristics -Degree of protection IP65, all-around -Robust -High resistance to interference -Rotary speed sensor: 60 pulses/turn (standard) -Angular displacement sensor: up to 3600 pulses/turn -Detection of rotation direction (channels A and B) -Reference pulse (channel N) -Special versions on request

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Product features

Principle Incremental
Measuring range: Rotary speed sensor 60 pulses/turn (standard)
Measuring range: Displacement sensor up to 3600 pulses/turn
Signal output H > 2.5V - L < 2.5V
Protection class IP65
Range of operating temperature -10 ... +70 °C
Supply voltage 10 … 30 V DC
Electrical connection PG screwing with screened PVC cable
Continuous rotation possible Yes
Displacement speed 8000 U/min

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