The DKRF670 Series by Driesen + Kern GmbH was developed for measuring humidity related parameters especially in industrial applications. All models have a relative humidity measuring range of 0...100%RH and can also measure temperature. Calculated variables such as absolute humidity (g/m3), dew point (°C), mixing ratio (g/kg) are optionally available. The series' measurements are very accurate for humidity (up to +/-1.8%RH) as well as temperature (up to +/-0.1K). An ISO9001 traceable certificate is included in delivery. Three analog output signals are provided for a customer-specific combination of the chosen parameters (relative humidity, temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, dew point). Analog signals can be 0..1/0..5/0..10VDC, and also 4..20mA three-wire. The transducer's electronic circuits are integrated in a robust aluminium housing that is protected against dust and splash water according to protection class IP65, which makes the devices well suited for use in wet...

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