Reasonably Priced and Precise The humidity / temperature probe DKRF400 was designed for applications where cost-efficient, flexible solutions and high accuracy are essential. The probe can operate within a range of 0...100%RH and offers an accuracy of +/-1.8%RH between 20...80%RH. Even in rough conditions beyond this range it provides accurate readings (see data sheet). Regardin temperature, the probe's accuracy is +/-0.3°C at 25°C. Two separate analog outputs each provide a linear signal of 0..1/0..5/0..10VDC or 4..20mA with an optional module. Miniaturized Design The DKRF400 probe distinguishes itself through its miniaturized and robust design. Its small dimensions (d=8mm, l=100mm) permit its use in a variety of applications The housing is made of stainless steel and can be equipped with cables of different sizes. Low Maintenance The probe features the miniaturized sensor SHT75DK which can be delivered as a fully calibrated spare part. The plug-in sensor can be exchanged...

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