Infrared heater HA

Short-wave infrared heater


Infrared Heaters - Highly efficient infrared-technology. Economical heating, exactly on point, with Schultze Infrared-heaters. Specially designed halogen heating elements emit short-wave infrared and provide instantly noticeable comfort heat, similar to the sun. Heating people directly without the need to build up and maintain a body of warm air is economical and flexible as well, especially for applications like outdoors, with high ceilings or huge spaces. The field of application includes for example work-shops, sport-facilities, pub gardens, patios, but also industrial or commercial appliances like drying paint or heating machinery. The HA-series are IP22 rated for indoor use and provide the most economic means of heating intermittently used buildings. The case includes M6 holes for optional suspension.

Heating, industrial - installations and equipment
  • infrared heaters
  • electric heaters
  • heating equipment

Product features

Power 1500W - 6000W
Voltage 230 V
Protection mode IP22
Mounting wall / ceiling

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