Infrared tyre sensor

Sensors for tyre and braking systems


The infrared temperature sensor from Therma is perfect for measuring the current tyre temperature. The temperature of the tyre and thus the associated effects are decisive factors for success in motor sports. The tyre pressure is strongly temperature-dependent. The measurements collected by the sensor permit conclusions to be drawn for ideal vehicle tuning. Large fluctuations have a direct effect on the vehicle performance and the service life of the tyre.

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  • Infrared tyre sensor
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  • Sensors for tyre and braking systems

Product features

Range 0 to 200 °C
Accuracy 2 % FS
Ambient temperature error 2 °C
Sensitivity 20 mV/°C
Response time (0-90%) 250 ms
Signal 0.5 at 0°C V
Supply Voltage 5 to 16 V
Supply Current 1,5 mA
Output Voltage 0 to 5 V
Output Impedance 47 Ω
Sensitive Element Thermopile with Silicium Lens
Wave Length 8 to 14 µm
Measurement distance 30 to 150 mm
Field of view (90% radiation) 4 : 1 @ 50 mm
Calibrator Land P550P
Emissivity >99 %
Dimension 27x17x11 mm
Material Aluminium
Weight (without cable) 15 g
Protection IP65
Vibration test 20Gpp5’
Shock 500 G
Operating Temp 0 to +80 °C
Storage Temp -25 to +125 °C

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