Install And Edit Impact Protection


Install impact protection For screwing and riveting secutex impact protection with an internal perforated plate can be screwed or riveted in different ways. You can achieve universal impact protection in no time at all. For welding Welding is often the easiest and fastest way of fastening. The various protruding perforated sheet designs allow a very versatile use. For gluing If screwing or welding is not possible, the impact protection can be glued with the secutex special adhesive. Cutting and sawing The secutex material can be sawed with a conventional band saw. The material tries to avoid the cutting tool. Make sure that the wedge angle is as small as possible and adjust the cutting speed if necessary. Milling Use commercially available milling cutters with a small number of teeth. Circumferential speed approx. 200400 m / min, clearance angle ∂ 10 °, clamping angle y 25 °. The use of a drilling emulsion is recommended for cooling and surface optimization. Rotate

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