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Instant Oak Flakes
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We offer retail packed products in our brand Grino and also white label services to pack under clients brand, please contact us for more details and check our other products. Oat flakes are made from oats. We get instant oat flakes if the grain is subjected to the additional action of steam, which softens and loosens its structure. Such flakes are prepared the fastest, because they quickly soften and absorb water. Just pour boiling water or hot milk over them and they are ready. Oat flakes are primarily a lot of fiber and protein and a wealth of vitamins - they contain vitamins from group B, E, PP as well as magnesium and phosphorus, which have a beneficial effect on our body. They are the main ingredient of traditional porridge, they are also used in cakes and desserts.

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22-600 Tomaszow Lubelski - Poland