The JET One prints on plastic, glass, wood, metal, ceramic, technical composites, cardboard and paper, without contact, and with fixed and variable data: such as use-by dates, LOT/batch numbers or even graphics. From every position and in every direction. Forward, backward, mirrored or rotated. Even different product surfaces – whether convex, concave, rough, smooth, flat or relief-molded – pose no challenge at all for the JET One. Equipped with the automatic SEALTRONIC nozzle sealing system, the JET One is ready to print in just a few seconds and always begins with a clean print image. This unique technology worldwide ensures 100% protection against ink drying out – even after prolonged downtime. Time-consuming and labor-intensive rinsing cycles and daily servicing are eliminated. And printer-related production losses are a thing of the past.

Marking - diverse products
  • inkjet printers
  • coding machines
  • small character printers

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