Primer at the joints of the exterior board and on the entire surface It is used


Surface preparation; Before starting the application, the surface should be cleaned of dust and anti-adhesive substances. The smoothness and mechanical health of the application surface should be checked. Application; The appropriate consistency of the mortar is 25 kg of joint filler in 5-7 liters of water. With a low-speed mixer, the joint filler is mixed into clean water for 3-5 minutes so that no lumps remain. The mortar, which is left to rest for 5 minutes, is mixed again for a short time and becomes ready for use.

  • Bulk materials for construction
  • joint filler and exterior primer
  • Creation of plaster decors
  • Stone for exterior works

Product characteristics

Physical Form
White Powder
Water / Plaster Ratio
10 kg of gypsum in 6 liters of water
Usage Period
80 - 100 minutes
Freezing Time
130 minutes
Dry Unit Bulk Weight
680 - 720 kg/m3
Fire Response
A1 (According to TS EN 13963)
PE Reinforced Kraft Bag
25 kg + %2

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