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Kuca is a repair and construction company we founded in Miłosna, in the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship, Poland. Our main area of activity is industrial floors. We offer: - Anhydrite screeds, - Self-levelling screeds. Anhydrite flooring is used in private apartments, as well as in warehouses, halls or service facilities. Its main characteristics include high resistance to compression, bending or mechanical damage. Thanks to this, it does not require practically any additional care treatments. It is also worth adding that the anhydrite floor heats up quickly and conducts heat well, which is why it is often selected as a finishing material for residential buildings where floor heating is used. The floor dries quickly, and after 48 hours on the substrate ceramic tiles, stoneware, panels, natural stone or resin floors. We recommend our customers to use self-levelling screeds, particularly in old buildings, where the substrate is uneven and has numerous defects. Self-levelling screeds made of cement tolerate moisture well and should be used to finish rooms such as bathroom or kitchen. We utilize Knauf self-levelling screeds, providing a perfectly smooth and stable surface in every facility type. Our offer also includes laying of gypsum plasters. If you are interested, please contact us - Kuca company from Miłosna.


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