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EVAL™ EVOH is used as the functional barrier layer to optimise food, healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial packaging. It also helps environmental protection and energy conservation in plastic fuel systems, insulation and construction materials. A 1mm of EVAL™ has the same gas barrier properties as 10 meters of LDPE. An EVAL™ layer of several microns provides effective functional barrier properties to the entire structure. EVAL™ protects quality and avoids waste by prolonging shelf life without artificial additives. Oxygen and odours are kept out; atmosphere, vitamins and aroma are locked in. EVAL™ also blocks migration of MOSH MOAH, VOCs and fuel vapour. EVAL™ adds the necessary barrier function to renewable materials, with a small material carbon footprint. Environmental impact can be reduced at all stages of the product life cycle. EVAL™ resin are recyclable, safely recoverable, easy to use and allow for innovative packaging design that is reliable and safe in use.

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MOSH (Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbon), chain and ring-shaped. MOAH (Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbon), predominately alkylated polycyclic. MOSH and MOAH are mineral oils commonly used in industrial inks, notably used for printing newspapers. Â Since newspapers form a significant part of the paper/carton recycling stream, recycled paperboard often contains a mixture of MOSH and MOAH. Â A potential health hazard if ingested, regulations exist concerning the migration of MOSH into foodstuffs. Although not yet directly regulated, MOAH typically contains components that are known to be carcinogens. A hidden health concern in recycled paperboard Paperboard used for food packaging is commonly made of recycled paper products. Â The concern is that residual mineral oil inks in the recyclate may migrate into food, either from the carton box itself or from the outer carton box used for shipping. Â Using virgin paperboard for food packaging is a temporary solution, but supplies are limited.


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The gas barrier properties of an EVALâ„¢ layer ensure that the flavour and the quality of the food are well preserved for an extended period of time. An EVALâ„¢ layer also keeps the Modified Atmosphere and aromas inside the package, extending the shelf life of fresh food. EVALâ„¢ offers the following benefits: outstanding gas barrier properties prevents oxygen from penetrating the package gives fresh food longer shelf life without antioxidants locks aromas in extends shelf life protects sensitive vitamin content protects against oustside odour and contamination like MOSH/MOAH mineral oils


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As pharmaceutical architecture becomes increasingly complex, so does its sensitivity to oxygen and contamination. EVALâ„¢provides superior oxygen and chemical barriers that offer safe and transparent alternatives to PAN, PVDC and aluminium foil. Â Add EVALâ„¢ barrier to a wide range of packaging options from pouches, SUP and overwrap to bottles to formed push-through packs. For the most sensitive applications, unique oxygen scavenging EVALâ„¢, adds extra safety and extends shelf life by reducing oxygen ingress to zero.


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Pre-insulated pipes are incresingly popular for centralised and energy efficient district heating and cooling systems. Â A central service pipe is surrounded by PUR foam insulation and a durable HDPE outer cladding. Adding an EVALâ„¢ layer to the pipe structure helps extend system service life, by maintaining insulation efficiency and structural integrity. Â EVALâ„¢ helps make sure pre-insulated pipe systems performs not only longer, but more efficiently as well.


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