Manual chamber and membrane filter presses


The AQUACHEM LCM 320 (pocket press membrane) is ideal for mobile deployment on site on a suitable trolley and can be operated with up to 15 bar loading and 15 bar membrane squeezing. This machine can also be used as a testing filter press in the case in order to decide on the right fabric or to check the filterability of the suspension. Fully equipped, this compact press can manually implement functions that our fully automatic machines can do. The AQUACHEM LC 320 (pocket press chamber) is identical in design to the LCM 320 and differs only in its function as a chamber filter press (without membrane). The LC 470 is the more affordable, low-cost version of the EC-series. Main feature is the restriction of the feeding pressure to 7 bar. All other features are the same as the EC-series. This series is built in a compact design with a feeding pump and discharge manifold.

Filtering equipment and supplies
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