The LEIBINGER JET2neoEP continuous inkjet printer is the easy and reliable marking and coding solution for standard applications in the egg industry. The JET2neoEP reliably marks and codes eggs and egg cartons within the egg sorting machines. Compatible with egg sorting and packaging machines from the leading manufacturer Moba Group » Easy and complete integration with plug-and-play connection » Approved installation kits for Moba and Diamond egg sorting machines » Automatic creation and modification of print jobs using the egg sorting machine‘s control system or a manual solution at the printer » Accurate printing for each egg » Highly accurate printing on the egg or egg carton » Central print data management » Best before date and other variable data are updated automatically » Option to mark and code the packaging before or after filling it » Marking and coding imprint can be changed conveniently in the event of multiple customers

Marking - diverse products
  • Industrial Inkjet printer
  • marking system
  • egg printing machine

Product features

Printing height 1.5 to 14 mm, 0.06 - 0.55“
Fonts from 5x5 to 24x18 dots, special fonts
Multi-line fonts 1 to 3 lines
Available menu languages European languages, Arabic, Chinese..
Protection class IP 54
Accessories Product detector, shaft encoders etc.
Ink colors black, yellow, red, blue etc.

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