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Lemcore B.V. is a worldwide trade and service providing company. Since its founding in Netherlands in 2018, Lemcore company, operates with global sales and services network to deliver maximum value to all our customers. A long-standing cooperation with reliable partners enables us to deliver products on especially beneficial terms that allow us to offer our customers the best value for money. Lemcore is specializing in supplying worldwide Fertilizers, Chemical products and Steel Products, Reinforcing Steel Bars in particular. We are committed to meeting our customers requirements and working together for constant improvement. We deliver high-quality and competitively priced products to our customers on time. Lemcore is based in the heart of Europe, in the Netherlands, the place which has been an unchanging global trading center since ancient times. Focused on the prompt delivery with a quality control, our company plays the role of the bridge between suppliers and customers, taking care all issues regarding languages, standards and time zones. We connect right customers with right goods. Lemcore is a performance-oriented company that strives for continuous improvement. We consider ourselves to be cosmopolitan, which in turn implies a cross-cultural attitude, tolerance, as well as a decent and respectful demeanor.

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Granule fertilizer is usually harder than prill. The size of Granule is between 2 up to 4 mm but Prill is between 1 up to 2/4 mm. The results confirm that both prilled and granulated urea are of a very similar composition and thermal characteristics (melting point). The only key difference between them is the internal structure of granules which is the fundamental key to their mechanical properties. The strength measurement show granulated urea have a higher strength as their prominent size and internal structure, while prills performed weaker strength having the small size. Another name of this fertilizer is (Carbamide) is used as one of the most consumable and, of course, the cheapest chemical fertilizers that supply N to the rest of the world. Urea is neither acidic nor alkaline, highly water-soluble and relatively non-toxic, and urea is widely used in chemical fertilizers as a rich and suitable source of nitrogen.


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-Iron Sulphate grade А — FeSO4 . n H2O -Iron Sulphate grade В — FeSO4 . n H2O -Iron Sulphate grade C — FeSO4 . n H2O -Iron Sulphate grade F — FeSO4 . n H2O Intended use: Iron Sulphate (Ferrous Sulphate) is principally used as the reducing agent in the cement industry in order to reduce chrome Cr (VI) content. It is also used as coagulant for water and sewage treatment. Ferrous sulphate is an effective source of iron for all animal species and categories. It is used as a feed additive for animals. Appearance: Free flowing crystals, colored from grey-green to grey-brown.


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Sulfur is one of the most important agricultural and industrial raw materials and is considered a strategic product sulfur is an odourless, tasteless and polyvalent nonmetal which is mostly in the form of yellow crystals and is obtained from sulphide and sulphate. Sulphur occurs naturally in the environment and is the thirteenth most abundant element in the earth’s crust. It can be mined in its elemental form, although this method has declined over the last decade to less than 2% of world production. Today most elemental sulphur is obtained as a co-product recovered from oil and gas production in sweetening process.Despite this, our company can offer both, sulfur obtained as a by-product, and sulfur mined in its elemental form. Depending on the needs of the client, we sell it in liquid or granular form, or in the form of a lump. Sulphur is the primary source in the production of sulphuric acid, the world’s most widely used chemical.

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