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To make this vinegar, Frédéric Chaix, master vinegar-maker, has extracted the powerful flavour and acidity of the maracudja from the sweetness of vanilla. This vinegar is ideal for deglazing or spicing up your exotic or fruit salads.

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Discover this marvellous Cognac 1er cru, carefully selected by "Les frères de la côte" in Grande Champagne at the famous "François VOYER" house, which offers the finest Cognac eaux-de-vie. After crossing the Atlantic in an old sailing ship, this Cognac benefits from dynamic ageing in "La Favorite" rum barrels. 50cl - 51° Vol

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Vegetarian chilli confit adds a mild, non-hungry flavour to all your culinary preparations. Also perfect for marinating meat or fish.

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This exceptional vinegar was created by master vinegar maker Frédérique Chaix. Subtle and mild, this vanilla vinegar makes it easy to season starters, main courses and desserts. This bourbon vanilla vinegar is an exclusive and surprising seasoning. EXCELLENT WITH: Starters (seafood, scallops, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.) Dishes (deglazing, fish, white meats, etc.) Salads (mixed salads, tabbouleh, etc.) Grated carrots, artichoke hearts, beetroot, avocado, tabbouleh, chicken breast, scallop deglaze. Excellent in desserts. The vinegar can also be diluted in still or sparkling water to make a refreshing summer drink. 100% natural: no artificial colours or flavours.

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The company LES SAVEURS DE MAYA is the result of several encounters. They are individuals, who create and innovate through their know-how. Creators, top cooks, restaurateurs, navigators, engineers... We are drawn together by the values of sharing and gregariousness, which is why here in the Caribbean, we represent exceptional products, created and fashioned through love, passion and reason. You will discover culinary innovations among our products such as "flavour pearls" produced using a molecular sodium alginate-based cooking process (from algae). They will brighten up and add a hint of luxury to your dishes, exalt your desserts and cocktails through the wide variety of pearls on offer. Wake up your taste buds with the exceptional balsamic vinegars and creams concocted by a master vinegar maker. You will serve your recipes and creations with uniquely-flavoured gourmet oils. Let the wind take you wherever it blows with the fabulous "Frères de la côte" products that arrived in Martinique on the "Tres Hombres" sailboat. Try out our new products as well : the HARDY rum pearls. The sight and taste of these pearls, which are an absolute innovation in the rum universe, will beguile you. Feel free to contact us for more details!


Présentation les saveurs de maya

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Quartier Mont Plaisir

97211 Rivière-Pilote - Martinique


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