SmartService LLC is a research and production enterprise which performs the moulding of glass fibre and carbon fibre products (preforms) for the production of composite parts.

The manufacturer designs and manufactures seamless reinforcing preforms made of carbon and glass roving using an automated shuttle loom:
—solid carbon fibre preforms with an orthogonal reinforcement pattern;
—thin-walled reinforcing fillers for lightweigh T-D, hollow products;
—seamless preforms in the shape of a pipe, I-beam, T-profile, half-coupling;
—solid seamless preforms for geometrically complicated parts;
—preforms for fastening nuts and bolts (ultrastrong and ultralight bolts and nuts for astronautics and aircraft construction).

The manufacturer uses 3D weaving technology, yielding a solid woven 3D reinforced preform with a defined percentage of fibres in the reinforcement systems and with a defined volume fraction of fibre in the finished shape of the preform or approximate geometric shape of the future composite product, in a single manufacturing process.

The products offered by SmartService address the high-tech challenges of the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and construction industries. Using three-dimensional reinforced composite parts for construction industry, as well as for building of spacecrafts and aircrafts, prevents delamination of laminated structures under high-speed unsteady thermal loads.

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  • Repair clamps
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  • repair сlamps for oil and gas pipelines
  • Drones, tiltrotor, aircraft, vtol
  • Carbon fiber bolts, nuts, screws, bushings
  • 3d Woven preforms
  • Production of Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
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  • aramidic fabrics
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  • customised special screws and bolts
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  • fibreglass product moulding
  • carbon fibre part moulding
  • composite elements for ulm
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