Large and Durable Cream Chargers

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The other cream charger that we are now going to talk about is much larger and is better in many ways than its smaller counterpart besides size. MagicWhip, ExoticWhip cream charger, Fast Gas, etc. are some of the options that you can consider when you decide to recharge your whipping siphon with a bigger cream charger. The capacity of these chargers can range from 580g to 640g of nitrous oxide and they spare you the trouble of refilling gas in your canister continually. You get the option of utilizing the maximum capacity of your dispenser and that too in just one attempt. You will witness this as you connect the filling hose of your cream charger to your cream dispenser. And the time factor is even more heartening. It will not take more than a few seconds. Bigger cream chargers are known to bring down refilling time by almost 50% and they are as good as 70 conventional chargers. Small chargers have to be screwed whereas the larger ones are endowed with a convenient oneclick system.

  • Ice cream and sorbets
  • Durable Cream
  • Cream Dispensers
  • whipped cream

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