N2O Cream Chargers – Four Of The Biggest Benefits To Using Cream Chargers

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Nitrous oxide, why it is one of the most useful gasses to use in your kitchen. The nitrous oxide found in cream chargers is a useful gas, especially in the kitchen, that has many specialties. To begin with, it causes the cream volume to increase as much as four times, making it twice as effective as oxygen, unlike oxygen that facilitates bacterial growth, N2O kills bacteria. N2O is what effectively propels whipped cream out of a dispenser and helps preserve it for up to nearly a whole week when cooled properly. Producing fresh whipped cream and being able to store it longer When you have a cream charger and a cream dispenser, you can make fresh cream anytime rather than having to make do with that which comes in cans. And your fresh cream will remain fresh for much longer, as long as you store it in the refrigerator.

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