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Laser cutting parts and bending parts: Your special production in good hands. As part of the Schulz Group, Schulz Stanztechnik can also offer you – as a service and in addition to the stamping program – special laser cut parts in various materials and thicknesses. In accordance with your drawings, you will receive a meaningful offer from us within three working days, and your laser parts within ten working days of your order. Manufacture of 2D and 3D laser parts made of the most diverse of materials as well as angles in accordance with your drawings and specifications.

  • Laser - cutting and welding machines
  • bending parts
  • Laser cutting
  • laser parts

Product characteristics

Working range
up to 4115 x 2000 mm
Cutting precision
+/- 0.1 mm
Max. bending length
4050 mm

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58553 Halver - Germany