FOAMSORBA are extremely lightweight foam sound absorbing panels. They are designed to be glued onto existing or new ceilings and high level wall surfaces. They have virtually no weight and are simple to fix. They are fibre and CFC free as well as having excellent fire ratings. Foamsorba panels are used with great success in applications such as television studios, offices, community and multi-purpose halls, cinemas, classrooms, hallways, music rooms and shooting ranges etc. for sound absorption. Acoustic Performance Installation FOAMSORBA acoustic panels are simply adhered to ceilings and upper walls using Gluesorba Contact spray can adhesive. It is important to check the construction detail of the backing surface structure (ceiling or wall) to which the acoustic panels are to be glued. The FOAMSORBA panels have a thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/mK at 10 C and therefore have good thermal insulation properties as well as excellent sound absorption. It is therefore important to...

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