Lipp Bulk Storage Silos



GUARANTEED OPTIMUM STORAGE FOR A WIDE VARIETY OF MATERIALS The storage of bulk materials needs to be not only cost effective but also safe, and systems should be easy to integrate in production processes. LIPP Double Seam technology and welded LIPP tanks have proven to be particularly suitable for bulk storage applications in industry and agriculture. LIPP silos provide a high level of stability and total leak tightness and protect bulk materials from moisture. The smooth internal walls of the silos are a benefit that pays dividends when storing special media. All kinds of bulk materials Grain Soya Silage fodder Woodchips Pellets Clinker brick Cement SILOS FOR STORING GRAIN AND OTHER FOODSTUFFS Grain, soya and other foodstuffs are precious commodities and a major asset in agriculture and they need to be stored particularly carefully. With the tried and tested Lipp Double Seam System, Lipp silos offer major benefits in terms of design and leak tightness.

Tanks, metal
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  • Storage silos

Product features

Diameter continuously variable from 3 to 40 m
Height continuously variable from 2 to 40 m
Volume from 100 to 15.000 m3
Volume bulk goods of all sorts
Exterior colour freely selectable according to RAL
Stainless steels e.g. 1.4301 [304] or 1.4571 [316Ti]
Galvanised/black steels further materials on request

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