Lipp® Gas Accumulators

Cost-effective system for the non-pressurised storage of biogas etc.


LIPP® Gas Accumulators were developed as a system for the nonpressurised storage of dry gas which has been used for over 300 projects worldwide over the past years or more. Sizes from 30 to 5000 m³ are available according to the gas yield in each case. The gas accumulator consists of two parts a bubbleshaped storage balloon and a steel container to protect the balloon against mechanical damage and the effects of weathering. Speciality Accurate level measure of stored gas. In biological processes, gas production is not continuous. That is why the utilisation of gas (e.g. in a combined heat and power plant) requires an accumulator in order to compensate for fluctuations during gas production and to bridge downtimes for plant repairs and maintenance. Besides high functional and operating safety, other important criteria for the construction and operation of gas tanks include the economic aspects of investment and maintenance costs.

Storage tanks
  • Gas Accumulator
  • Gas Storage
  • Biogas Tank

Product features

Exterior color selectable according to RAL
Storage Medium Sewage gas, landfill gas, biogas
System LIPP® Double-Seam System
Volume 30 to 5000 m³
Tank material galvanized steel
Roof material Stainless steel, e.g. 1.4301 [304]
Storage balloon material PVC polyester fabrics
Unpressurised Storage storage 0 - 5 mbar
Certification DIBT, CSTB, TÜV Nord EN1090

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