Lipp® Liquid Storage Tanks



MADE FROM VERINOX STAINLESS STEEL OR GALVANISED STEEL WITH VOLUMES RANGING FROM 40 M3 TO 10,000 M3 Both industry and communities require professional solutions for plant and tank construction and for the storage and treatment of liquids, as well as flexibility in terms of size, choice of material and equipment. When constructing liquid storage tanks, the selection of the best material is an important quality factor. Municipal/industrial waste water and sludge or certain processing, intermediate and end products from the chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries set high requirements regarding the tank material, for example. LIPP offers a variety of materials, ranging from galvanised steel through the combination material Verinox to high alloy stainless steels. APPLICATIONS Waste water tanks Sewage sludge tanks Process water tanks Storage tanks Firefighting water tanks Mixing and compensation tanks Buffer Tanks Stackable sludge tanks Storage containers

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Product features

Diameter continuously variable from 3 to 50 m
Height continuously variable from 2 to 35 m
Volume from 40 to 10.000 m3
Media pumpable substances of all sorts
pH level from 3 to 13, further on request
Exterior colour freely selectable according to RAL
Stainless steels e.g. 1.4301 [304] or 1.4571 [316Ti]
Galvanised/black steels further materials on request

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