Proven Quality For Non-pressurised Storage Of Dry Gas



Lipp developed a system for the non pressurised (up to max. 5 mbar) storage of dry gas which has been used for over 300 projects worldwide over the past 30 years or more. Sizes from 30 to 5000 m³ are available according to the gas yield in each case. The gas accumulator consists of two parts a bubble shaped storage balloon a steel container to protect the balloon against mechanical damage and the effects of weathering The container is produced using the tried and tested LIPP Double Seam System. The storage balloon is made of polyester fabric specially laminated with PVC on both sides for improved gas resistance and UV protection. It is suspended in the container by means of a support ring. The gas pressure is increased as required between the gas accumulator and the point of utilisation by means of compressors. This results in lower investment and maintenance costs on the one hand and an extremely reliable and virtually wear free system on the other. Consequently

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