Für die perfekte Instandhaltung von Dichtung und Maschine Aktive-Lubricant 210 Synthetic Multifunctional Fluid in State-of-the-Art Formula Characteristics Greasing - due to modern OMC2 additive technology Detergent - penetrates dirt and decomposes any kind of sealing Penetrates corrosion- due to extremely low surface tension Moisture displacing - due to seperation effect between metal and water Anti - corrosive - due to the ultra thin protecting film available as 500 ml Aerosol container 5 l Can Chain and Cable Grease Bright 250 Fully Synthetic Adherent Lubricant Characteristics Excellent wear protection Perfect adhesiveness Chemically stable Penetrates and lubricates No sealing up Water resistant Long term protection against corrosion available as: 500 ml Aerosol container 5 l Can 20 l Cam High Speed Degreaser 310 Residue-Free Evaporating Solvent Cleaner Characteristics For toughest oil and grease contamination Cleans and degreases reliably Fast and residue-free...

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