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This small baler is perfect if you are a smaller producer of waste with limited space available in your storage area. Ideal for small cardboard boxes, plastic wrapping film, and paper. The 40 baler makes a 40 kg bale of cardboard. The baler is easy to setup and operate and includes a lifting trolley to eject the waste bale from the baling press. As standard this machine comes with a 13-amp single phase 220-volt power supply. Other power supply options are available upon request. A small table insert can also be purchased which can then crush small food steel cans.

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This baler is ideal for businesses with small volumes of waste material and limited space to install a baler. Compact your cardboard boxes and plastic film into a 60kg bale. The baler comes as standard with a 13 amp single phase 220 volt power supply but other voltages are available. Two rolls of 9mm bale strapping are hung at the front of the baler to tie off completed bales. Retainers are installed at the front and the back of the bale chamber to hold material in place. An eject trolley is also included to remove bales from the bale chamber.

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The most popular model in the MACFAB baler range this small baler has many control and operational options to suit the customers need. the 75 baler makes a cardboard bale of 75 kg.

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A Multi chamber baler is a great option for businesses who want to bale more than one type of material in the one machine. For example, one chamber could be for cardboard, a second chamber for plastic film and a third chamber with an insert could compact food cans. The chambers are top loading which makes it easier for operators to fill each of the bale chambers. An excellent choice for a wide range of businesses but most notably the hospitality industry and Marine sector.

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MACFAB Systems Ltd is a manufacturer of waste compaction equipment such as vertical balers and Prestressed equipment for the concrete precast industry. We sell both Ranges of products to customers globally. Our manufacturing plant is based in Co. Monaghan, Ireland. Our waste equipment range consists of 23 models and includes vertical balers, drum crushers, bag compactors, glass crushers, and small bin compactors. Many models have a wide range of customisable options. We sell this range of products through our international distributor network in over 35 countries worldwide. Our range of equipment is used in many business sectors and can offer the following benefits. * Reduce waste disposal charges depending on the material. * Reduce a business’s carbon footprint and increase its level of recycling. * Promote a tidy workplace by reducing the volume of waste in storerooms. If your business generates cardboard, paper, plastic film, food cans, pet bottles, oil drums, empty glass bottles, hard plastics, and general wet waste we can provide a business solution for volume reduction. Our range of prestressed equipment is used in the construction industry to make many different types of Prestressed concrete products, from T-beam and block flooring, prestressed lintels, prestressed wall panel slabs, and prestressed concrete piles. We have supplied this equipment to concrete precast manufacturers globally.


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Carrickmacross, - Ireland


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