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Precision forged parts are forged parts where very narrow tolerance can be achieved by following the forging process permanently. Our processes enable forging with the +/- 0.1mm tolerance. We are specialized in the production of precision forged parts weighing between 0.001kg and 1kg made of different material. The advantage of precision forged parts is that they can be used mostly in different compounds and without additional mechanical machining. Hot die drop forging is the method in our company – sticks are heated and inserted into the appropriate forging tool.After the forging process, we trim and pierce the semi-finished products to meet many shapes and other requirements. We shape stainless, alloy and carbon steels. In most cases, more complex and larger forgings are further machined.Due to the specificity of precision forgings, we provide the minimum necessary additional machining and thus reduce the machining times.

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The advantage of the Marovt company is that forged parts are machined in our own forge. This is why we are able to ensure forged parts with characteristics defined together. The machining of forged parts is mostly automated; therefore, the human factor is decreased and permanently the same technological process can assure all parts to be machined in the same way and being controlled and tested according to the same procedures.The machining of forged parts is carried out on technologically advanced 3 and 4-axe machines. Our machining centres have the possibility of using up to 40 changeable cutting tools. The tool can be up to 300 mm long and up to 10 kg heavy.The machining center spindle can rotate up to 20,000 rpm. Changing the cutting tool at our centers only takes 1.7 s, which greatly shortens the machining time. All our machining centers have a pallet system that eliminates the time of mounting the forging parts into the clamping device.

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We are experienced in the production of parts made of different material. The majority is made of stainless steel. Moreover, we manufacture products made of hardened material of 64 Hrc.The manufacture is carried out on three different types of turning machines Classic turning machines (14 machines). Turning machines are of different sizes and different complexity. The machining is carried out by using sticks of different diameter with automatic feed. Products with diameter up to 64 mm from sticks or 165 mm from pieces can be machined. The length of the machined part can reach 118 mm. The most technologically advanced lathe can machine with two spindles and three turning machines, which can move in three axes and can carry 12 tools each, for a total of 36 tools. All tools can be driven. Driven tools can produce up to 40 Nm of torque. All tools are controlled by a tool monitor, which ensures timely replacement of the cutting tool and minimizes deviation.

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Only high-quality steel is appropriate for high-quality products which are mostly assembled in the cars of our customers. By using hot forging process, we shape different types of carbon steel, all types of alloy steel and most of the time stainless steel.The Hot forging process and thus the transformation of steels has a number of specific points in its process. We have directed the development of forging into forging stainless steels, as these steels are increasingly present in automotive engines as well as in other segments of the use of forged parts. The advantage of stainless steels is that they are corrosion-resistant, and do not require additional surface protection. Through the hot forging process, we are able to transform both ferritic, martensitic and austenitic stainless steels.

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MAROVT D.O.O is a company based in Slovenia specialized in forging, machining of forged parts and production of turning parts since 1971. We pride ourselves in being are the most technologically advanced forging production in Slovenia and one of the most advanced in Europe. We produce high-precision forged parts in our own machining plant. We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services in short deadlines at competitive prices. Among our references we can count the most prestigious leading brands in the automotive industry such as Daimler-Mercedes, Audi Group, Volkswagen Group. We also collaborate with well-renowned companies of various sectors including aviation, nautic, medicine and the military. Our production is managed in accordance with the highest quality standard IATF 16949. We work with materials such as carbon steel, all types of alloy steels and mostly stainless steel. Our processes enable forging with extreme precision. The high level of automatization and digitalisation of our production enables us to operate with high flexibility to adapt to market changes. This is possible thanks to modern software and permanent investment into up-to-date technology, enabling to us to provide our customers with fast and appropriate solutions, thus meeting all their needs. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !


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