EMS, RF, Galvanic and LED technology to promote the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis, and can provide synergy for skin elasticity and wrinkles, brightening, and lifting. MDPLANNER RE7+’s RF energy penetrates to the dermis and generates deep heat by using bi-polar, preventing skin aging through elasticity and wrinkle improvement as well as activating cells. MDPLANNER RE7+’s EMS creates tolerance when regular stimulation is applied, so it prevents tolerance through irregular low-frequency stimulation and continuously exercises facial muscles to make healthy and elastic skin with lifting effects. In addition, 4 customized EMS programs provide different effects to help improve skin. MDPLANNER RE7+'s galvanic ion technology penetrates the active ingredients of ionic substances and water-soluble nutrient concentrates that are difficult to absorb into the skin by using the polarity of electric current.

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