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    NICE Recommends Thopaz+ Portable Digital System
    NICE Recommends Thopaz+ Portable Digital System
    					The United Kingdom’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has issued a medical technology guidance recommending Thopaz+ (Medela AG Switzerland) for managing chest drains. NICE concluded: "The case for adopting Thopaz+ for managing chest drains is supported by the evidence. Thopaz+ can reduce drainage time and length of stay in hospital, and improves safety for people with chest drains. Its use may also improve clinical decision-making through continuous, objective monitoring of air leaks and fluid loss."
    • In multiple clinical trials patients with the Thopaz+ chest drainage system have had shorter chest tube placements and also shorter hospital stays than patients with conventional chest drains.
    • The NICE resource impact assessment shows that, at a national level, adopting Thopaz+ is expected to save around £8.5 million per year in England. 
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  • Whitepaper Summary
    Selecting a fluid collection system
    Selecting a fluid collection system
    					A recent study published by JCI* (in collaboration with Medela) highlights the importance of fluid collection systems and provides an overview of the current state of vacuum suction equipment like suction liners, hydrophobic filters, vacuum pumps. Furthermore, it gives guidance on how to mitigate risks in fluid waste management.
    Our whitepaper summary outlines the key findings of the JCI publication. Following a hand-full of recommendations can help to avoid contamination and thus provide caregivers and patients with greater safety.
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