MIXACO Container Mixer Vortex™

MIXACO Container Mixer Vortex: perfect heating of the mixed material


MIXACO Container Mixer Vortex™ It is suitable for any industry where different recipes need to be mixed in quick succession, resulting in frequent mixer cleaning. As the transport container and mixer head are separate units, products can be conveyed to the next processing station without loss of time. The design of the MIXACO Vortex™ mixer, which was robust from the outset, is continuously being improved and updated. The system and its individual components are also configured for multi-level operation, with corresponding connectors to allow dust-free, airtight discharging of the transport container directly into extrusion, kneading, weighing and bagging machines. The MIXACO Vortex™ is more than simply a classic among container mixers; it also offers modern technology with numerous advantages for your in-house material logistics and work processes.

Cement-making - machinery and equipment
  • Vortex mixer
  • Container Mixer
  • Industrial Mixer

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