MMC 900H

Ultraprecision milling machine


To create ideal conditions in terms of rigidity and damping for multi-axis machining, the series was equipped with hydrostatic (oil) bearings. By using diamond tools, optical surface quality can be achieved on a wide range of materials like crystals, nonferrous metals and plastics, even with complex geometries. Similar to the MMC 600/900 air bearing machines, the basic setup can be equipped with various accessories. The basic setup consists of 3 linear axes and can be upgraded by additional rotary, tilt or spindle axes to 4, 5 or 6 axes. Accessories, like different spindles, vacuum chucks, palleting systems, 3D touch probes for workpiece measurement, tool changer and automated tool setting, allow an effective use of the machine. Besides further accessories, there is the possibility to develop customized solutions, to adapt the machine to your needs.Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Milling - steels and metals
  • Ultraprecision milling machine
  • 5-axis milling

Product features

max. travel range 900 mm

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